christmas is childs play

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The girls and I made this fantastically easy wreath for the front door. We used some beautiful felted wool that I had left over from a project and ribbons from our ribbon collection.

It is so easy to assemble you just cut the felted wool into squares and thread it on to a piece of wire shaped into a circle. You could make the wreath any shape you like including a heart. Once you have threaded on all the squares, you loop together the wire and cover up the messy ends with ribbon. What could be more simple!

To felt your own wool, scour op shops for second hand, pure wool (ideally not fine knit) jumpers and put them on the hot cycle in your washing machine. Once wool is felted it can be cut to the shape you require and does not need to be hemmed as it will not fray.


Permapoesis said...

witnessed first hand, it's very beautiful hen!