Cosy eggs

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Tuesday sewing girls made these today, aren't they clever.

Felt is such a great fabric for children to use as it is so easy to sew and doesn't need edging! This project idea was taken from Cath Kidston's make! it took just over an hour for ten and eight year olds to complete.

Felt fancy

All little girls love something fancy. I made this for myself and before it was even finished it was 'bagsied' by the little one. It is hard to say no to such gorgeous eyes.

This necklace will be online soon.

Tuesday sewing class

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Every Tuesday I have a sewing class for a few little girls, it is so much fun and it reminds me how glad I am that my mother taught me how to sew. As a child being able to sew meant being able to make my own clothes, first for my dolls, then for me, it also meant I could sew gifts for my family. I suspect there were more failures than successes, the fun was in the process.

This week with Mother's Day fast upon us, we are making linen hand-towels with appliqued spots of them. Inspiration was taken from Cath Kidston's MAKE book which is bursting with great ideas for beginner sewers.