Young at art

Friday, April 09, 2010

Today we made this artwork for Eliza's room. I say 'we' but really she did the whole thing herself part from the mounting and framing. This is how we did it...

Cut out the shape you want to use, you can do this by hand or use ones of these nifty cutters, available from art shop.

Paint the cut outs with different coloured paints

Using a clear drying glue, sprinkle with beads, glitter and little buttons and anything else that takes your fancy. leave to dry then shake off excess.

Cut out some cardboard for mounting, I used the inside of an old sticker book.

Then arrange your cut outs onto the cardboard and stick down, double sided tape works well and is easier to use than glue. It is such a simple project for kids to do and provided you don't use too much paint and glue it is achievable in an afternoon! Enjoy making your creations, trains would be gorgeous!


Thursday, April 08, 2010

I love this image the colour and pattern is just divine. I am not entirely sure where I got this image from, sorry to anyone who owns it. It is a section of fabric that has been printed, I would love to embroider this pattern onto something... I will keep you posted.